Do You Know Your Calling?

I know a man that left his country for the better life in the U.S. He achieved a lot academically. He eventually became a professor at a University. He did well for himself and his family. However, he felt called to provide specialized private school education to families who could not afford it.

It was tough as being a school principal of his own school does not pay as well as being a professor of a University. This man was my dad. He chose to do what he was called to do. Doing what you are called to do in life makes you a success. It may not be the easy path but it is the right path. If you ask most people what there calling in life is many don’t know. Because never try to find out

You have a specific purpose here on this earth. You need to find out what it is. Your calling is a puzzle that you need to take the time to finish. Missing out on your calling can lead to a life of ambiguity.  It can also lead a constant desire to please others.

Here are a 3 ways to find your calling in life.

  1. Ask. Ask God to show you what your calling is. In due time you will know.
  2. Seek. Go back and through your life and think of all the times you experienced true joy. What caused you to feel that at that time?
  3. Knock. Trying different ways to serve. Continue on with the service that you feel a peace about

what am i called to do

A few small steps we can take today in fulfilling our calling is showing someone how to do something that can benefit them. It can also be helping someone who cannot return the favor. However, know that you will feel true satisfaction when you give expecting nothing in return.

Question: Have you found your calling yet?

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