You Have Value To Give The World

Do you ever feel you are have nothing to offer to those around you? Many people have told me they don’t have one creative bone in them.

The good news is you really don’t have to  have  a creative side. As long as you have knowledge of something that you enjoy I can assure you that there is a group of people eagerly looking to find out more. 

  • Everyone has experiences in life that can help another person.
  • Everyone knows how to do something that can help others out. I mean how many time have you gone on Youtube to find a solution to something?

There is such a thirst for helpful content that anything we put out has an interested audience waiting to know more. There is valuable information in you that can move another person’s life forward in any of the following ways

  • DIY projects. I am sure you know how to fix something better than I can.
  • Tech troubleshooting. Everyone uses a computer so computer problems abound. You have tips that can help.
  • You are brilliant at doing makeup. The way you blend colors can be taught.
  • You travel a lot. There is information that is helpful to other travelers that you can assist with.
  • You may simply have humorous stories or impersonations you can share.

The list can go on. You can make your impact by sharing your expertise with your unique way of explaining it. In turn help, the world around you get better. What better way to do that but on a blog or even a vlog.

you have value to give the world

Of course, a vlog can be easier as you do not have to purchase anything. If you have a smartphone you already have 99% of the tools needed to get started today. Next, you will need an internet connection. Record your video upload it to YouTube or if you want to get paid for what you do upload your video to dtube. You are now ready to give value to the world. You’ll just need to go and do it. 

Question: Have you found what you that you can share with the world?


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