You Are Called To Lead

Whether you like it or not there is a calling a duty and responsibility in your life and that is to be a leader. You may be thinking – Who me? Yes you the very person reading this now. Everyone in some shape or form will be tasked to lead something during their time here on earth. My first real experience that comes to mind was coaching my church’s flag football team.

When you’re coaching a flag football team you are dealing with about 10 to 12 people who want the ball. You will have to tell some players “Sorry i need you to play offensive line because you are a big guy….No we will not use you at wide receiver or tight end.” When you’re dealing with 12 people there needs to be someone leading and directing who comes in on defense and who plays offense.

You want to give the football to the people on the team who give you the best chance to score. When the game starts you have to delegate one person on defense to be a field general making sure the players are in position before a play starts. The same goes for the offense. One person has to lead the offensive players to what play will be run and where everyone is to be positioned before the play starts. This will reduce the possibility of getting penalized by the referees.

When the play starts everyone should know their role. You want your fast people doing two things. They need to catch the ball on offense. On defense they need to guard the fast people. You want your slower-footed people blocking the quarterback. You also want them in areas where they are others close by. If you get the roles reversed your team will have a rough day on the field. The score will end up being lopsided.

At times a leader will not be liked because of the decisions he or she makes. But the leader has to make the decision and not worry about whether they are liked or not. Orders have to be given out to each individual about their role or eventually apathy followed by confusion will set it in. Leadership at every level has to keep the best interest of the team in mind to find success.

Pointers every leader must keep in mind

    1. You can’t please everyone. What’s best for the team is best for all of us should be your mindset. However, you will have to stick your gut feelings and make teams unhappy at times for the overall good of the team.
    2. Give orders. At some level everyone wants to be led. You have to do it or or people get lost.
    3. Hold everyone accountable including yourself. If something does not go as planned find out why and make suggestions for improvement.
    4. Praise those who are doing things well. Everyone needs to know when they are doing a good job so they can continue and know where they stand.  
    5. Coachup ones who are not doing well. Be prepared to give pointers and action plans  for improvement.
    6. Put everyone in a position to succeed. You will have to find out your team’s strengths and weaknesses placing members where they are productive


Good leadership is very crucial to successful teams. All the teams that are extremely productive from professional sports to the workplace has one person driving and keeping things moving. I find good leaders should be

  • Prepared. Researching bumps and potholes you will face before they happen.
  • Vision driven. Having a desired end result in mind and make that visible to the team.
  • Confident. Being able to make high level decisions and being firm about.


Think back to when you were in a leadership role. What qualities do you find that was needed and helpful to you? Please share

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