Try To Lose Some Pounds.

RIIIIP! That’s the sound of the numerous pants I ripped while bending over at work. I lie not. I have gone through 5 pants while bending over trying to pick up a computer at work. Not wanting to get written up by HR for inappropriately exposing myself I’ve tied a sweater around my waist for the remainder of the work day.

At first I tried blaming the the RIPS on the quality of the pants as they were purchased from Old Navy most of the time. The truth was it was I who was the problem. I have been trying too many types of diets and exercises to lose some pounds but what I found was needed to have a little more self discipline. I would do a strenuous workout then negate it by eating 7 Krispy Kreme doughnuts.  I would then wonder why my workouts and exercise were not working.

This year I made it a point to eat more salads and cut back on the sweets. However,  some days I needed to switch things up a little bit. Yesterday I had the Power Blend. Today I’m going to have the Spring Mix. Just an fyi Power Blend and Spring Mix are the types of salads you can buy in the salad aisle at your local grocery store.

Today I am going to use a different salad dressing with my salad. I’m going to add some nuts, raisins and some croutons. I find I need to be creative in tweaking what I eat for  lunch and dinners to keep myself from getting bored eating the same thing every day. This has helped me in my weight loss. I went from 245  to 217 pounds. My goal is to be at 200 pounds by November 30th, 2017

Daily exercise routines can get old also. I usually work out doing a combination of exercises at a quick pace so I can get cardio and muscle building going at the same time. To switch it up so I don’t get bored doing the same thing I will jump rope and use the elastic cables. Is this expensive? You may ask. I bought the jump rope for 3 bucks from Marshalls. The elastic cables were 25 bucks from Amazon.

Here are a few pointers that has helped me along my weight loss journey

  1. I wrote down my weight loss goal. I look at it every day. Yes it feels weird looking at a statement that says ‘I am at 200 lbs by Nov. 30th 2017. It definitely feels strange when I’m chomping on a dough-nut and then I take a look at my weight loss goal. However, looking at that goal has helped remind me that I cannot eat more that one dough-nut. It further guides me to eat healthier.
  2. Do something everyday. Don’t lose that momentum. I found if you skip a day of eating healthy and exercising it seems to get harder the next day. Yes there are days I only work out for five minutes. Keeping that continuity over time no matter how small the action builds up until it feels a part of you. Eventually skipping a day will start to feel unnatural.
  3.  Step on the scale. Some days I don’t want to do this at all. This helps with direction. Now I know at nights it feels like I’m going in the wrong direction because when I step on the scale then it shows that I’m heavier. However, In the morning I’m lighter. Overall this daily action will help you gauge if you’re going down that wrong path or the .


Question : What are some creative ways you have come up in your quest to be healthier and lose weight? Please share as I am still looking for new ways to drop the 17 pounds to hit my goal of 200lbs.


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