We Got A Puppy

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So after 3 years of persistent asking we bought our 6 year old son John a puppy. Everywhere we used to go my son John would ask people to convince me to buy him a puppy.

However, we made him promise to take care of the puppy. We are about 3 months in and I think I am and my wife are the ones who is raising the puppy. But we are adding more responsibility for John every day.

In case you are thinking “I just bought a puppy what do I need?” Here are the things on our first puppy checklist that we got for our puppy that may be helpful.

A metal crate. (amzn.to/2mbkcA9) We use this as our puppy Milo’s main sleeping area. We place his puppy mattress (amzn.to/2FcT8Js) in there also. We also have a a few puppy mattreses around the house in case olur puppy wants to take a nap.

Next on your puppy checklist should be some toys. (amzn.to/2mb0xQSBe sure to get a variety as puppy’s can get bored quickly. Even with toys they will still want your attention.

You will need a travel crate (amzn.to/2mbqfVx) as there will be times you will have to take your puppy to the vet. This travel crate has a top opening so you gently lay your puppy inside.

Lastly, don’t forget your puppys soon to be favorite thing – treats. Our puppy loves Pup-a-roni amzn.to/2Elw5uL

things for my new puppy

I hope we have been  helpful. If you have any questions please let us know in the comments below. Thanks!