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It was a wedding to remember as it was my first experience attending a traditional Indian Wedding. The colorful Indian outfits, the dancing and the food created a festive atmosphere seen in Indian movies.

The first event was known as a Haldi Ceremony. I was part of the grooms side of the family, so we brought platters of fresh fruits and chocolates to the future brides house. The house was beautifully decorated in bright colorful flowers. All the men and women were dressed in Indian outfits. Among flowers and incense a priest prayed blessings over the couple and their parents.

Then It was time to eat. It was a vegetarian dish that included rice, vegetables and roti. Gulab Jamun was the dessert. After the delicious lunch spread everyone went to the colorful tent that was set up in the middle of the backyard. The bride and groom to-be sat in the middle of the tent. A plate of turmeric was placed in front of them. Family members and friends then took turns wiping the turmeric paste on the couple. It was a time of laughter and pure fun. I was able to make new friends from the bride’s side of the family.

Then things took a turn.

The turmeric paste was pasted on everyone at the ceremony. I tried my best to get away but one of the jolly aunts wiped it on my face. At the end of the event everyone had a smile on their orange tinted face.

The next event was the called the Sangeet Ceremony. This ceremony took place at a posh dance hall. A tasty Indian dinner was served. Then the dance show started. The bride’s side of the family performed dances that reminded us all of the Bollywood movies. The dances were so electric that we all cheered very loudly. I even lost my voice. The highlight of the night was when the bride and groom wore sunglasses and did and dance that included parts of a movie scene.

The night before the wedding all the ladies got together and had an Mehndi artist draw amazing designs on the hands and feet of all the women. There is a saying that ‘the darker the ink color the more love the husband will have for his wife to be.’

The wedding day finally arrived. The Indian outfits worn were of magnificence that can be compared to a royal wedding. A beautifully decorated white horse was mounted by the groom. And we marched and danced our way to the location of the bride.

When we reached the bride a small scuffle broke out. This was due to  tradition that the brides friends had to take one of the groom’s shoe. A few of the men on the bride’s side attempted to grab the groom’s shoe. However, the groom had a few of his friends guarding him to protect his shoe. The tradition is if the bride is able to get the shoe the groom would have to pay money to get it back. Unfortunately, for her, the groom’s men were able to hold onto the shoe.

The wedding ceremony was performed on a white satin covered stage with beautiful flowers. A priest said prayers over the the couple. Then  people from the groom and brides  sides had to lift both the bride and groom. Whoever was elevated higher would have the upper hand in the marriage. I was volunteered to lift the groom with a few other men.

The groom side prevailed as we were able to lift the groom higher. To top off the great festive experience the reception was one of great food, laughter and dancing. If you ever have the chance to be a part of a traditional Indian wedding experience jump in and enjoy the ride.

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a fun indian wedding to remeber




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  1. Savana says:

    I have never experienced an indian wedding. Those are such great traditions. I love how there is a ritual leading up to things. So well written as I could envision it all very clearly

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