Time Does Not Wait For You.

While growing up my dad would  tell me that time does not wait for anyone. He would say that if you don’t use your time wisely it becomes wasted. You can never get back time. Unfortunately, I have a wasted so much time over the years. The number one biggest time waster for me was watching TV. I had to watch every popular show so I could be involved in all the very ‘important’ conversations around the water cooler at work. I had to watch all the football games starting on Saturday morning with College GameDay. That carried into Sunday with the NFL Football Games 1PM, 4:30PM then Sunday night Football which starts at 8:30PM EST. Also, catching as much as NFL action via NFL Redzone. When its MLB Baseball there are games almost every day that average 2 to 3 hours.

While there is nothing wrong in watching so much football and watching sports in general. However, not much is getting done in the area of productivity, creativity, and personal growth in my life. I had to come up with some way to enjoy sports at the same time not to give it so much of my time. I limited football by just watching the team I rooted for. I switched to just checking out the scores on the Yahoo Sports app. Now I had more time for my family and more time to do more creative things with my time

The question you need to  ask yourself is “Why should I watch the pro’s sports athlete’s go after their dreams and goals?” They are accomplishing much. You must do the same for yourself. Here is a list of timer wasters.

  1. Watching – Sports, News, Sitcoms that leave you with no benefit
  2. Surfing the Internet. All the videos you watch is it helping you get closer to your goals
  3. Playing video games. If you are over 18 and you are unable to monetize your playing it becomes time wasted.
  4. Oversleeping

importance of time management

Time is the most precious thing to the successful person. If not used wisely time will disappear and you will know you have not spent it wisely. 

Questions : What are some time wasters you struggle with? Are you on you looking for ways to get past that?

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