Thinking Outside The Box

I had a talk with Edutainment Specialist Motherly Music Movement. Her form of creativity is creating music that is geared towards educating children. Two important pointers I took from our talk were  

  • Think outside the box. This allows creativity to be fresh
  • Push past rejection. Once done this makes you unstoppable.
  • Have a purpose for why you are doing what you are doing.

After consistently  putting into practice those pointers her schedule has been  packed with many wanting her services and many great doors opening  up for her. 

The lyrics of her music always have character building fundamentals that when acted upon can produce a very positive upbringing for any child. Listening to her music has so much value that I have felt wiser afterward.

 It was amazing how she had an idea and just ran with it. Which is something we all can learn from. As so many have great ideas but we let things stop us from taking action and the awesome idea sits in our heads or even on paper never to be brought to life.

Please Check out my interview with Motherly Music Movement. May we learn what it takes to make things happen.

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Motherly Music Movement’s Success Secrets

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