The Lion in You

There is a wonderful story by a priest named Anthony de Mello. It goes like this. A lion grew up among a flock of sheep. Eventually that lion did everything that flock of sheep did. He ate grass, he was a follower and he bleated and ran away from any sign of danger. One day while the flock of sheep and the lion were grazing a ferocious lion jumped out and roared. This caused the sheep to scatter in all directions. The lion cowered in the grass and bleated fearfully. The ferocious lion noticed the fearful lion bleating grabbed him and said what are you doing. The lion replied in terror “please don’t eat me.” The ferocious lion said come with me. He took him to a lake. He forcefully put his face close to the water and  said “look at who you are.” The lion looked down at the still water and saw his reflection then he looked at the ferocious lion. Then he looked down again. He touched his face and noticed the moving lion in the water was him. He said “I am not a sheep I am a lion.” He then gave the loudest roar. From that day forward he became a lion.

lion in you

How you see yourself is very important on your journey to living a successful life. The person who sees himself/herself in a positive light seem to get things done quickly and efficiently. They are able to handle the difficult tasks. On the other hand, the person with the a negative self image will tend do poor work. They tend to try to do the small minded tasks. However, we all have in us the mechanism for success. We just have to de-hypnotize ourselves. Instead of saying here I  go again or I always get the same results. We have to change that negative self talk into “I always get things done” and “I have what it takes to be successful”

You have to constantly keep the positive self talk in your minds encouraging and uplifting you throughout the day. You need to be intentional about it. The first thing you can do is when you wake up tell yourself that you are successful. Tell yourself you are bold, proactive, and assertive.This may feel weird at first but do it throughout the day as much  as you can. You will start to feel a shift in your mindset. You will be more decisive. You will be more focused. 

Question: Do you have a routine that helps your self image?

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