Take The Next Step then…

My family and I were enjoying a hot summer day at a lazy river a few days ago. It was so relaxing as we laid on our tubes and let the powerful underwater currents push us  around the man made 3 ft river pathways.We did  it about 30 times. A few times I was able to take a snooze as the sun beat down on us.

A thought question went through my mind. What would it be like to go in the opposite direction of the lazy pool?

As I was thinking it. My six year old son says “Dad let’s go the opposite direction of the lazy river .” I agreed to do it. So we both set out on the adventure.

Luckily this lazy river belonged to the hotel we were staying at so they were ok with us going in the opposite direction. Most water parks have attendants throughout the rivers pathway to make sure you are going in the direction of the current. As my son and I  started on our ‘opposite direction lazy river experience’ I noticed every step was one of force that I had to make.

There was no coasting or relaxing. We quickly found out that though its called a lazy river if you go in the opposite direction of the water current you can’t  be lazy at all. 


If we relaxed the underwater currents would push us in the other direction. A few times we had to grab onto a rock and take in a few breaths as we would got tired after a few steps. It was like going upstream. Many times I had to use all my strength

It brought to mind what it’s like to want  be successful at anything in life. Every step that needs to be made is a struggle. You have to push yourself.

Many times when I went against the the strong water pressure I thought to myself why am I doing this. That is exactly what is going to happen to you. It may be happening to you already.

Take the next step. Don’t worry about completing the whole thing just concentrate on the next step ahead.

Question: Are you facing struggles now in your business life?

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