Don’t Stop The Good Success Habit.

Getting ideas for new articles and videos can be a challenge. So I have found it important to record notes as I move throughout my day. One thing I have found though is to get to any point of achievement and success in life there is a price to pay. What is that price? It can be so many things. For creators it can be

  • Getting creative ideas every day
  • Recording the idea
  • Implementing the idea

It sounds easy and I will say it’s easy in the beginning. But eventually the novelty wears off. You are left with a decision to make yourself do it or drift into lack of motivation or onto something new that will eventually lose its newness. You hit something called resistance every time. Resistance is you internal block that attempt’s to stop you from stepping out from what is comfortable. Here are some examples of it.

  • You start thinking your creation is not perfect enough. Perfectionism can stall any project you are working
  • Motivation wanes as you lose ideas. However, the ideas you are sitting on are still good
  • You get hit with a change in your routine. You get sick so you never go back to your project

habit forming for success

Some days you will just have to show up. You may not get much work in but the fact that you were present builds continuity and discipline. You can do it today because you did it yesterday. You’re not going to feel like doing the work. But since you do it anyway a success habit is forming.

Question: What can you do today that will keep the success habit continuing another day?

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