A Story on Disappoinment Part 2

All the months of preparation but I was not prepared on the one most important thing

And that was having my passport renewed and up to date. I scrambled and called the Passport Hotline but it was Easter weekend and everything was closed. I even tried calling the life and death number and they said they could not help out due to it being a holiday weekend. I would have to wait until Monday to see if i could get my passport renewed.

It was a sad trip as i dropped off my family to the airport for my birthday trip. They were going to Greece and i was going home. I was going to try to get my passport renewed on Monday. I went to Costco took my  passport pictures. I went home and filled out the passport renewal form and waited for Saturday then Sunday to pass. Finally Monday morning came. I rushed to the passport office an hour before they opened. There was a line already waiting to get in. That was not a problem as i was able to chat with the gentlemen in front of me.

The gentleman was a guitar player for a band called The Black Angels. He was a young man that had picked up the guitar and learned how to play when he was twenty and now he does that full time traveling the world. How awesome is that? He was someone who was living his dream doing what he loved to do. It’s not easy finding people like that. Most people settle for less as going after their dream does take risks. However, from conversing with the the guitarist the risks were SO worth it. As he lived a life traveling the world and doing the very thing he loved to do.

The passport agency finally opened and we were able to get inside. I showed my picture and my form. I was then told “Sir you filled out the wrong forms. Simply fill this one.” “Ok, I will do that.” I did that as quickly as possible. Then i had to book my flight right there so they could renew my passport which took a few hours. I was able to come back and pick it up. Off to Greece to meet with my family that was already there.

Don’t stress about your mistakes and always keep learning. Missing the flight to Greece with my family was one of the saddest experiences in my life. However, I was able to learn valuable lessons from the guitarist to go after what I’m passionate about.  A life of happiness and freedom are experienced when you are doing what you are passionate about. How can you find out what you are passionate about?

  1. Try new and different things and give yourself some time in it. Writing was something i loathed. However, when i forced myself to do it I hit a zone where it felt easy.
  2. Take a personality test to see what comes more naturally to you.
  3. Ask trusted friends what they think you’re good at. Take only the positive feedback.

If you are not pursuing your dreams it’s very possible you are being used to pursue someone else’s dream.


Question: How are you pursuing your dreams? What are you using to keep you on track? Please Share below


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