How to stop worrying about what they think

I  just started a youtube channel centered around lessons I have learned over the years in relation to personal development and other comical things that pop in my head. However,

the “what will people think about me?” thoughts have run through my head.

That one thought stopped me for a long time. I have even noticed that that thought can even stop creativity.

We stop ourselves every day due to one fear and that is “What will they think of me?” However, most people can care less what we are doing because they are living their own lives and don’t have time to worry of what we are into.

But that is how fear operates it always has us thinking and worrying about the  things that may never happen . Here are are few fears that have run its way in my mind at one time or another

  • They will talk about me
  • They will not approve of me
  • They will make fun of me
  • They will dislike me

I heard someone say once,  stop worrying about me, me, me.  For in that mentality sits selfishness. Which leads to your whole life being controlled by the opinion of others.

you cannot please everyone

Well I have sad news no matter how perfect you get someone will still disapprove. I am reminded of the story of an old man, a boy and a donkey.

All three walked into town.  They came upon some towns folk who suggested that the old man not let the young boy walk because he was too young. So the old man then propped the boy on top of the donkey as he walked alongside and continued their journey.

As they walked further into town other towns people began to talk about how uncaring the boy was to allow an old man to walk as he sat comfortably on the donkey. So  the old man made the boy walk as he rode  the donkey.

Then they walked past another group of townsfolk that began shouting at the old man. They complained that the donkey looked tired and weak and that the man was contributing to animal cruelty for making him walk so much.

So then old man and the boy carried the donkey.

You can’t please everyone

So forget what they are going to say and think and do what you need to do to get where you need to go.

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