Being The Conversation Starter

I always aim to be the conversation starter when I am around strangers. It’s not always easy. But you will surprised how many people wish someone would break the ice and start a conversation. When you get the conversation started you learn new things and folks tend to see you as the friendly one.

However, usually when we are hit with a choice that is uncomfortable the rational part of our mind begins to throw questions at us. He sounds really friendly and wise. He sounds like he’s looking out for us. He even offers  us a comfortable chair and blanket if we only listen to him.

He tells you that you don’t have to start the conversation because you are not that type of person. Instead just settle and keep to yourself and you will never feel any rejection. You then go on through life always following your fears. He tells you that he is with you to look out for your best interests.

how to start conversations

He tells you don’t write that book. Because it takes too long. He also tells you that there will be days when you sit down to write and your mind will draw a blank and your and computer screen or your notebook will be blank. He always tells you to be careful. Because he is looking out for you. He doesn’t want you to feel any pain.




The people that do stay stagnant. The sad thing is they are sad and they live in quiet desperation. But that old friend fear who is always looking out for your best interest stops you so you cannot move. While fear is good for us and keeps us alive. If we let  it overtake us it will keep in one spot never to venture out and take a risk.


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