Something To Watch Out For…

Everyone has a garden. Everyday seeds are planted in that garden. If seeds of nightshade which are poisonous berries are planted in due time the garden will produce the poisonous fruit. If good fruit is planted in due time the garden will produce the delicious fruit.

I can’t express to you enough that whatever we think about all day long becomes us. So its important what we allow to enter in through our eyes and ears. Our mind is a fruit producing garden. Whatever is planted in our minds whether it be good or bad eventually produce what is sown.

So we need to set up alerts because if more negativity hits that powerful ¬†organism in our heads it will stop us from where we desire to go. You will have to conscientiously navigate away from the negative influences. That can also mean stop beating yourself up. Then focus on what’s pure and lovely about yourself and all that is around you.

how to get past negativity

Ultimately, you are controlled by your mind. If you feed on things positive things we will achieve positive results. If you focus on our goals by having them written out and looking at them every chance you get throughout the day you will accomplish them.

Question: Have you set up an alert when you hear or feel negativity to move in another direction ?

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