OH NO! I Hear Something In My Basement.

A friend told me a true story that happened to him. He  was watching TV when he heard a sound in the basement. He went down to check it out. To his surprise

it was a 4 foot black snake moving around his musical equipment.

He chased it around with a container while the rest of his family moved about worried. The snake was fast. It quickly found hiding spots behind tight areas in the basement.

He then slowly moved cabinets and sofas tapping the ground  prodding the snake to move into the container.

It took him over an hour. He was finally able to corral  the critter in the container.

He and his daughter drove the container with the snake in it a few miles away from his house. They stopped by a lamp post on the side of the road. As he was dropping the snake on the ground

the light in the lamp post went out.  All of a sudden it was pitch black.

He quickly pulled out his mobile phones flashlight. Thankfully the snake had scurried away into the grassy area that was close by.

Life will throw anything at you. Emergencies will happen. Most of the time you will just have to stand up to whatever challenges you.

The good thing is you have what it takes to make the right decisions. As you overcome each challenge you experience fear. But the solutions to problems will come to you as you move forward. Stay prepared by reading helpful books conversing with knowledgeable people  that give you the confidence you need because the tough times will come

You will be able to look back and be amazed as you have made it through and learned so much from it.

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