Simple Fitness Tips That Can Change Your Life.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Ben Harris who is a professional personal trainer and got some golden nuggets on personal fitness that you should watch in the video I have included.  One thing that got me excited was when we said we need to eat more good foods and when anyone says we should eat more

that person becomes an immediate friend of mine.

However, the key thing is to eat the good stuff and to limit the bad stuff. What he went on to say was eat less breads, fast foods and eat more good foods like fruits, eggs, and chicken.

He stressed on creating a carb deficit in our bodies. I have seen that happen to me this year as I have cut back on the breads, rice and sweets. The result was I dropped pounds and  felt more energized. When I went on vacation I did eat carbs but it did not do much as I had a already cut back so there was not an impact to my weight. I came back the same weight that I left.

He also he gave his top single daily exercise for the busy person that has worked wonders for his many clients. If you add this exercise to your daily regimen I will assure you

you will feel better.

You do not need to make major changes to your diet. Sometimes all it takes is a few small changes like replacing white rice with cauliflower rice. Instead of eating the bowl of ice cream eat one spoon to satisfy the craving.

Don’t forget to keep your weight goal in front of you everyday. Look at it daily. Say it and

Work it!  …and don’t forget to watch the video.

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