Seven Pointers On Fatherhood

A friend told me a story how he never wanted his daughter to have nightmares. So he did his best in keeping his daughter away from watching scary movies. For the most part she never had seen an scary images.. However, one day his 4 year old daughter walked in on him playing a video game in the basement aka man cave. For the first time she saw a scary figure on the X-BOX game he was playing. She yelled out “Oh my goodness that is a really scary monster.” He was like oops so sorry you had to see this and then explained to her that it was only a fake game.

Our kids see and hear everything. We cannot hide anything from them. They can read us like no one else can. So we have to do our best to give them our best. Because whether it be good or bad they soak up everything we are. We have a few years to influence them in positive way. If they see us give up easily they will do the same. If they see us being an achiever they will be influenced that way also.

It’s amazing how fast our kids grow up. Every time I look at my 5 year old I reminisce when he was a baby. Then I always ask myself. Where did that little baby go? It’s just not fair how fast they grow up. Which makes it that much more important to spend as much quality time with them as possible. All the cute times you have together must be cherished because before you know it that baby is a big boy combing his hair and getting ready for school. Here are a 7 pointers to keep in mind in the early years.

  1. Always keep a camera ready to shoot. I had to throw this pointer in. Kids do and say so many cute things and it’s always off the cuff. With a camera or your camera phone you can catch it all. I still love asking my little guy a random question every once in awhile. Just to hear his response
  2. You’ll have to cut the bad habits. Just think of it this way your kid is actually making you a better person. That means no – cursing/swearing, yelling when angry, negativity, porn. Well then what can I do? Read the next bullet point
  3. Spend time with your child. You can play UNO, build blocks, wrestle, play hide and seek, make paper airplanes and the list goes on.
  4. Do the mommy stuff. Be affectionate by giving kisses and hugs to your child as much as possible. Make lunch, breakfast and dinner and wash the dishes when you have to . Remember the more positive things you do your child soaks that up and will do the same. Cleaning up behind yourself and encouraging them to do the same is big.
  5. Tell them stories. You don’t have to be a great story teller. Sometimes I tell different versions of ‘The Three Little Pigs’. My child loves it. Kids love abenture (thats the way my child says adventure) stories. Their minds are so imaginative and they get engrossed in the story usually asking questions to understand the story better.
  6. Treat your spouse with kindness. That is how your child will first learn how to treat others. That is how they will treat their future spouse.
  7. Positive touch. Not only does that include a hugs but pats on the back, back rubs neck rubs. Kids need that and want that assurance.

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Fathers are the stabilizing force in a child’s life. When we are present things tend to be in order. My dad ran a school for many years and he would notice that kids who had a present father stayed out of trouble more. Also kids who did not have a father present when opening up would wish they had a father present in their lives and would express that. We play an important role.


Question: Thinking back how was your father’s role important in your life? If there is an really important tip you can add to this list what would it be? Please share below

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