I believe everyone has a book in them. There are things each of us has seen, heard and experienced that can be of value to someone else. So putting it down on paper is one way to getting the message out. I had the privilege of having a conversation with an author friend of mine Emmanuel Gratzimi on his new book “When You Think No One Else Is Watching”

The book centers around stories that he experienced in nearly decade of working in hotels. All of the stories are true some are extremely funny and some stories are very sobering. From my conversation with Emmanuel it’s very visible that one must set a goal and add perseverance in order to reach that goal. Because writing a book can get tough as some writers face many challenges that can easily divert attention away from what needs to be done.

how to write a book

Here is our conversation in video form. Since I am a new interviewer I tried to keep it somewhat entertaining for viewers by asking a few silly questions. However, there are some important tips Emmanuel gives on writing a book and getting it published. So check out the video and enjoy. To find out more Emmanuel Gratzimi’s website is emmanuelgratzimi.com