A reading habit can change your life

I”ve read a book by Joe Gibbs called Game Plan for Life. In this book Gibbs gives pointers on what he did when faced with financial difficulty.

The advice in that book helped me when I was going through financial difficulty. A key pointer that I took from that book that helped me was when he said if you are faced with a lot of debt always seek a way to pay back as the financial institutions are  looking to work with you. 

If I had not read his book I would have panicked and done something impulsive. The best way to gain access to wisdom is to simply read.

It’s a great thing that extremely brilliant people have put down their life’s work in a book format. All we need to do is pick up the book and read. I can assure you that you will come away with a nugget or a few.

 Reading gives you access to high level minded people and how they do things. It gives you their approach to obstacles.  Here are 5 benefits of reading consistently.

  1. Helpful tips will be in your mind when you need them. Books have a nuggets that can come in handy when you are in a tough situation.
  2. A lot of reading actually helps you become a better reader. Upon talking to speed readers it was their ability to read a lot that helped them read faster and comprehend faster.
  3. Reading helps you become a better leader. Reading how great leaders lead can  give you more tools to put in your arsenal. It will give you the the mindset to do what a leader is supposed to do.
  4. Reading can improve every area of your life. Pick an area in your life that needs to get better. Simply read up on it then read more on it. 
  5. Being a reader helps you become a better writer. When asked the question how one can become a better writer the multiple award winning author Stephen King said read, read, and read.

reading can changer your life

We all want to improve our lives. Just read. Read books that have helped others. I can assure you it will help you. The great thing about books nowadays is that you don’t have to carry a large heavy object around. You can simply download it from Kindle and have 100 books at your fingertips.

Technology is awesome so read away!

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