Wait + Wait = Procrastinate

When it comes to household projects I find myself pushing it off for later. My wife wanted me to paint our laundry room. I bought the paint and the waiting game began.  The paint sat there for about four months.  Some of the excuses were

  • My son may interrupt me causing a mess
  • The paint may spill on the floor.
  • I have to vacuum my car.

I was always bitten by the P bug. Even when I was a small kid I would like to put off things that were difficult or caused some fear for as long as a possible.  Having this state of mind is what will stop anyone who really wants to reach their goals.

When it comes to getting out of our comfort zones the P bug will tell you to do it tomorrow. If you wait for tomorrow you will never do it. There is so much wasted potential we see in the world to day. Usually the person who succeeds is the person who takes the action right away.

The interesting thing is that person is usually not the talented one. However, that person is the one who was willing to start while the talented ones were too afraid too. You are not like that you take action right away. Because there is nothing that can stop you but you.

to paint of to procrastinate

I found that sometimes the biggest enemy is right within me. He always wants to be comfortable and always looks for the path of least resistance. Always waiting then waiting some more for the right time to make a move.  How  do you overcome procrastination? Here are my four steps

  1. Write down what you need to get done with a time and date. Look at as much as possible
  2. Adopt the NOW mentality. If you wait to do it later It will never get done.
  3. Write down what is stopping you. It will help you see your fears and expose it. This will help you navigate through it.
  4. Do the toughest thing first. A lot of times we leave the toughest thing for last and the easy things first. We complete all the easy things and feel good. But the tough thing does not get done.

If you are a perfectionist you will hit procrastination. It will keep you from completing projects. Another thing to look out for are distractions. Most of the time we let ourselves get distracted because it gives us time to wait to get that thing done. Look to do whatever it is NOW.

Question: Is there something you know you need to get done now but you find yourself  coming up with excuses?

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