Oh No I’m Balding!

At the age of 25 I began to bald quickly. One of my main worries every day was what was I going to eat for lunch and what am I going to do about my male pattern baldness. I could go with a hair piece but that would not look real.I was starting to stress myself out thinking every negative thought possible. Thoughts that ran through my head were.

  • Who wants to marry a bald guy ?
  • Who wants to hire a bald guy?
  • Why does hair grow profusely all over my body but just stops growing on my head?
  • Oh no! Is that person staring at my bald spot?

I had to take to take action quickly. So I set out to find a cure for my baldness. I researched daily.  I bought  product after product. Here’s a list that did not work

  • Small little white particles that I purchased from a catalogue. It was to be placed under the tongue for 15 minutes daily. It made my stomach grumble even though I was not hungry. I did that faithfully for 6 months. No results
  • Rogaine. It left my head dry and flaky. No results
  • Coconut oil. My parents said it would work. It just made me smell like coconut oil and made me look like a newcomer to the U.S. Once again no results

I was getting desperate. I did more research I found the hair in bottle. This was the answer. The bottles were a bit expensive. But my stress was now gone and my confidence came back. Now I can be like the men in the commercials. After they get a hair transplant they are seen coming out of the pool automatically with a beautiful woman by their side. 

Of course this was no hair transplant and if I ever came out of a pool my hair from the bottle  would still remain in the pool water. I would come out looking bald as ever. At that point I could forget having a beautiful woman by my side.

The product worked for me. Yes there were many embarrassing moments. As follows

  • When the wind blew or if I happened to sit under strong air conditioning vent the hair particles would find its way to my shirt. This left my bald spot looking bare and my shirt looking hairy.
  • If I got caught in the rain. The rain drops would take my hair particles with it leaving the exposed bald spots. I now know how the ladies feel when their mascara gets wet.
  • If someone happened to touch my head for any reason their fingers took my precious hair particles with them. Which would leave them bewildered upon seeing their blackened fingers.

I am in no way making fun of those out there that use this product as I felt it was a life changer and a big boost for my confidence. I began to like and accept myself more. But that should not have been the case. A lot of times we feel our self worth is how we look to others. The hair can made feel good for a short while.

Eventually we’ll all lose our youthful looks. What should be more important to us is how that inner person looks inside of us. Is that person confident? Does that person bring value and encourage others to be better.


Question: Have you noticed that your self esteem seems to be based on something more outward than inward in your life?

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