Oh No! I Can’t Believe This Is Happening To Me

…was what I thought when I went through this experience earlier this year..

It was my  birthday this past March so my awesome wife planned family trip to Greece. We booked our tickets early. I was so excited as I had not had a real vacation where I got away from home in 2 years. Being the lover of food and history I could not wait to taste authentic Greek yogurt and see the Acropolis.

Every day I would go online and research the best places to eat. I would also research all the different kinds of foods. I was  preparing myself  to eat all the Greek foods as early as 3 months before my birthday trip. At home after dinner time I pulled out my laptop and showed my family all the delicious Greek entrees that we were going to partake in such as  Moussaka, Souvlaki, Spanakopita, Gyros and much more

I constantly checked the weather and it looked to be a week of sunshine in Greece. Upon my research I was amazed at all the beautiful islands that can be traveled to by way of ferry for next to nothing. So we went ahead and booked tickets to a few islands. This was going to be a birthday trip to remember.


At the airport we stood in line but when it was my turn I was told I could not go. WHAT!! I said. Your passport has expired three months ago, said the airline attendant

My heart sunk…

Here is our little video with my son John and I talking about our experience.


I scrambled and called the Passport Hotline but it was Easter weekend and everything was closed. I even tried calling the life and death number and they said they could not help out due to it being a holiday weekend. I would have to wait until Monday to see if I could get my passport renewed.

It was a sad trip as i dropped off my family to the airport for my birthday trip. They were going to Greece and I was going home. I was going to try to get my passport renewed on Monday. I went 

I went to Costco took my  passport pictures. I went home and filled out the passport renewal form and waited for Saturday then Sunday to pass. Finally Monday morning came. I rushed to the passport office an hour before they opened. There was a line already waiting to get in. 

I got everything squared away correctly and bought a ticket to fly out the same day.  I was finally able to join my family. However, missing three days from our trip. We still had a good time of family fun and yummy eating that  we will never forget.


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