The Mindset Of A Navy Seal

Navy Seal training is the toughest training anyone can endure. It is said that 9 out of 10 people quit while in training. The seal instructors goal is to weed out the weak minded. While 99% of people never take responsibility a Navy Seals belief is that everything is your own fault. The seal will even take responsibility even if it is not his fault.

When training begins the seals hit a week called ‘hell week.’ 80% of the group leaves. The only trainees that endure are the ones that really want it badly. Usually that trainee is not the strongest. In fact that trainee is probably the one that had the most trouble during the training. He/she could’ve been the slowest, weakest and most frightened person among the trainees.

What sets that trainee apart is their determination. While the chiseled weight lifter and the super athlete give up when faced with resistance. The trainee that has a deep WHY to make it allows them to bear the how. So they persevere under extreme duress. Training in cold water for days without any food or sleep all the while helping their comrades.

The body eventually quits. But the mindset of the the one who makes it is greater than his body’s desire to give in. In the end its 10 percent physical and 90 percent mental. “ Only the strong survive.” That statement should include only the mentally strong survive. Here are 4 points that allow Navy Seals to be tough mentally.

  • They are able to break things down. When faced with the many hardships of training. They make it a point to focus and get past the immediate obstacle. Trainees that look at all the rigors that they will eventually have to face end up quitting
  • They have visualized every hardship before hand. When they are going through possible drowning, hypothermia or an instructor knocking off their oxygen mask it feels like they have already been through it.. They have as they visualized it before it happened
  • Positive self talk. Not only does the course get tougher the instructors get meaner. It gets dire for the trainees and the body eventually screams “QUIT NOW.” The mind begins to question “What are trying to prove?” The trainees that have mastered their self talk say “I will do it or I’ll DIE trying.”
  • Manage stress. They manage stressful situations through deep breathing. There are times when they lose control during training. The body can go into a panic and shut off or the trainee can gather himself by closing his eyes and breathing deeply.

mindset of a navy seal

What can you take from this for what you are trying achieve in life. You will be hit with life altering obstacles because that is all a part of life. Will you stay the course and do the four steps or will you shut down and conform?

Question : How can we implement these steps into our daily life?

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