Life Lessons we can learn Louis Zamperini Pt1

The life story of Louis Zamperini is one that challenges us to think about our human will power. Louie was a man that responded to tough times by being tougher than it. Which is something we can take from his life. Growing up in New York Louis was a bit of a head case as he would always get in trouble committing small crimes. This all came to a standstill when his brother noticed how fast he could run. His brother urged Louie to join him on the High School’s track team. Louis did not want any part of it as it was hard work competing especially when Louis was not a person who was used to running. His brother would force him to run with him on the side as he took it on himself to train Louis himself. There was one saying he would repeat to himself to keep himself going. “If I can take it then I can make it.”

Louis joined the the High School track team. He soon began winning every race at that level. Furthermore, in college the winning streak continued. He won two major races. He developed an attitude that was persistent. He would live the by his belief that “ you’re not going to be anything in life unless you learn to commit to a goal. You have to reach deep within yourself to see if you are willing to make the sacrifices.”  At the age of 19 he joined the US Olympic team. He made a name for himself there also by winning in the Olympic trials and having a fast finish in an important race. One person was very impressed and and took it up on himself to compliment Louis. That person was Adolph Hitler.

Louis enlisted in the U.S Army Air Corps. He escaped death many times as his plane was shot at many times while in the air. However, he was to face the most challenging time period in his life when the plane he was in went down into the Pacific ocean. He should have died as all the 8 on the plane died. Just three survived. Louis remembered when he became conscious that he thought he was dead until he began vomiting blood profusely. He and three other were lost at sea for 47 days. Unable to eat or drink much of anything. The three survived by eating birds that would land on their makeshift raft.

We may not go through the same life experiences as Louis Zamperini. But we will be tested to see what we’re made of. The sad thing is most people quit on life not knowing that if you persist you have what it takes to make it right inside of you. You just have to put your head down and put the work in. Some days you will doubt yourself. But show up and you will come out the other end. In the words of Louis “One moment of pain is worth a lifetime of glory.” A lot of times we retreat when we hit an obstacle. As achievers we need to realize that the obstacle is the way. There are no shortcuts. You have to take the stairs to get to the top. Like Louis says we have to be committed and make sacrifices to reach our goals. Here are 3 points i have pulled away from Louise’s story so far

  1. Taking the the rough times and turning them into a growth experience. He formulated a saying when faced with tough times. If i can take it. I can make it.
  2. Bouncing back when you get knocked down. Yep Louis’s burning plane fell into the ocean but he built a raft
  3. Using limited resources to make it. On Louis’s raft he had to use what limited resources to stay alive. Birds and fish that passed by were lunch and dinner for Louis.  

Question : Have you been inspired in your life by anyone and have looked to apply that to your life?

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