Getting The Win Changes Things

When I was 14 years old I had the opportunity to play junior league baseball for Langley Park Boys and Girls Club. It was very exciting as I had never played organized sports before. What made the most exciting for me was we had pro like uniforms.

In my mind I was like a major leaguer. We also had to travel to different local cities and play their team.

My brother and I went for the baseball tryouts and made the team along with two of our other close friends. I made the team as a third baseman and backup pitcher.

On the opening day of our season our main pitcher was not able to make it. So coach made me the starting pitcher .

I got toasted

We lost the game 15-3. I gave homreruns, doubles,  singles and everything in between. It was a tough defeat but I still felt great as I was out having the time of my life with friends doing something I loved. We went on to lose all our games that season except our last game. I also started that game as  the pitcher. And guess what?

We won!

We felt like we  won the championship. We jumped around, hugged each other and all our family members. The Club gave each of us a trophy. What a memorable day.

We lost all our games that year but that one win we have remembered it all these years.

your win is right around the corner

Don’t give up your win is around the corner. Keep yourself involved in the work and the grind if you don’t give up  your losses will turn into wins. I love the quote from Michael Jordan “I fail over and over again that’s why I succeed”


Questions : What are some of the wins you remember in your life? 

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