Job Loss Can Be A Time To Sharpen Skills

Fours years ago the company I worked for laid me off . I was one of 30.000 employees that this happened to. It was a very tough experience. You begin to feel depressed and feel a low self worth. Then you feel that you may never get a job again. Feelings of loss and and despair creep in. I would go on numerous interviews every week. and get passed on. The rejection stung every time.

However, during the two months off there was a bright side to it as I was able to spend time with my then two year old son. We had a blast going to the park every day. There can be nothing compared than spending quality time with your child.

Many times in life we allow our jobs to define who are. We feel secure when we have a job. However, you must not let your being unemployed make you feel inferior. If it happened to me a again I would have brushed up on my writing skills. Because there are a lot of needed services for writing and speaking skills.

Getting better in those two areas can boost your levels of confidence and make you more marketable to any company. I know blogging is a needed skill as many companies have a blog but lack skillful writers who are able to convey the company’s vision  in a new and fresh manner consistently. Blogging can also greatly help a company’s notice-ability in the search engines. As search engines love new content being added to websites.

In conclusion, you may feel in despair during the time of job loss. But know that you matter and your worth is much more than you will ever feel when you are down. You are in control of your life. Good things will happen to you soon. So keep your head up.

job loss

Focus on what you can control. Get your skills sharpened. Seek out mentors who can take your skills to the next level.  Because there is something in your life that is of great value to others. Find out what it is then get it out to the world. In the end your job loss experience can turn out to be a positive

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