How you can get more time in your day.

There have been many times I’ve enjoyed sleeping in. It just feels so good. Or does it? I’ll admit it there is no feeling in sleep. Yes it’s somewhat comfortable. However, I’m starting to feel that oversleeping is a waste of time unless daily tasks that will bring you closer to your goal are completed. Im starting to find I’d rather be doing something more productive.

Yes sleep is important. But at the end of our lives we are not going to regret having not gotten enough sleep. Research it out and you will see that most successful people get up early. Most CEO’s are starting their day much earlier than the rest of the population. Even in the Bible we are encouraged to get up early and seek God through prayer and meditation. We can also read that Jesus woke up early when it was dark to pray.

To find success and fulfillment getting up early is imperative. Just think of all the things you’ve wanted to do or need to do. It can be done. The secret is to wake up early. If you think it’s too hard start by getting up a few minutes earlier than you usually do. Keep at it for thirty days. Increase those few minutes to an hour.

My top 3 reasons for getting up early

    1. It gives you more time. We all know we have 24 hours. An hour more of awake time gives you more time to get to your tasks that you have been putting off. Writing and reading where did you come up with that? Habitual writing every day can open many doors. Reading – most successful people read. (Stay away from the Sports Section and read something helpful)
    2. You will be more prepared. Writing out what needs to get done in that day will help you get it done. It puts it on the forefront. There have been many days where i have been slammed with many tasks. But the days I write out what i need done on a Post-it-note and put it in a place i can see it It gets done.
    3.  Less Interruptions. The only real interruptions you will find are the ones that you allow. If you know you need to working on something. Stay off of Facebook, Your Personal Email, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest. Now that you can focus as everyone in your house is sleeping so get to work. You know what you need to do. Do it.

Here are a few things you can do to force yourself to wake up

  1. Splash some cold water on your face or jump in a cold shower
  2. Jump out of bed and do some jumping jacks
  3. Turn your phone on and read your goals. The bright light will wake you up
  4. Drink a glass of cold water. Not only will it wake you up it’s good to hydrate your system first thing in the morning. If you want to take it a step further put some lemon in that water for body cleansing purposes.

Questions : Do you have any tips that have helped? Has your life changed due to waking up early?

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