The Importance Of Writing Down Your Goals

I remember when I was in Amway many years ago. The leader encouraged goals setting and adding a picture to that goal. I wrote down I want a drumset. I then cut out a red drumset from a magazine and hung it on my mirror. I would see the picture of the red drumset every day and went about my daily routine.

I can’t say I worked towards getting the drumset. As I was in college at that time and did not have any money. But one day when I was at my local music store looking around. A sales guy in the Drum Department said that they now had a lay-away plan. Also they were trying to get rid of a Yamaha drumset of which the price was slashed to $200

He showed me the drumset. It was red. The drumset ended up in my possession a few months later when it was payed off. Fast forward to today. No matter how busy it gets at work. When I have written down the tasks that I need to get done for that day. I then put the post-it note of tasks on my monitor where I can see it throughout the day. I get those tasks done. When we give specific orders to our brain that something needs to get done our subconscious takes it in and goes to work for us.

You need to write down your goals. You may say how do I do that? Either write down what you want done at a certain time. Adding a picture to it also helps. Paul How do I do that if I want to lose 30 pounds? If you are at 230 lbs write down – I am at 200 lbs by December 20th, 2017. You can cut a picture from a magazine of a thinner person and paste your headshot. If that is too weird. You can  tinker with Photoshop or other picture editing software (Pixlr is free) you then can include your face.

Here are a 4 reasons for writing your goals down

  1. It provides instructions for your subconscious.
  2. It tells you where you are going.
  3. All successful people do it.
  4. By looking at it everyday you begin to move towards attaining your goal even without you knowing.

Earl Nightingale compares goal setting to a ship with a captain and crew and a voyage that is mapped out. If it sets out to reach a destination it will reach it 9 out of 10 times because there was a captain, crew and voyage map. On the other hand,  a person who does not set goals are compared to a ship that has no captain, crew or voyage map. Where will the ship end up? It may not even make it out of the harbor.

Question: Think back to when you needed to get something done. Did you write it down? Have you have tried adding pictures to your goals? Please share below.

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