If Criticizing Doesn’t Work Try…

A few months back we bought our son a puppy. However, we were not prepared for the work that was involved. Every time this cute puppy would eat he would immediately potty on our carpet.

To make matters worse he would even potty when he didn’t eat. I was frustrated.

I just could not figure out his potty schedule. I started feeling impatient with our little puppy and began grumbling and criticizing the little animal.

Some in our family really got aggravated to the point of screaming at the poor little puppy when he would have his accidents. Then we had friends  advise us to rub his little face in his potty and then take him outside.

That did not work either.

Is there someone you can’t seem to get a handle on? It could be a child, spouse or employee.

Maybe you have given them instructions repeatedly but they just don’t seem to get it. They keep doing the same mistake over and over.

We decided to try something a little different with our puppy.  We were going to praise him when he pottied outside every time.

After a few times of praising him after he did the right thing our little puppy wanted to potty outside all the time.

give more praise

We were happier and our puppy was happier.

This also can be applied to  that difficult person. Try giving him or her some praise when they do something right and make it a point to do it often.

You will both feel better and you’ll probably get the result you want faster.


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