How To Find Purpose.

When I was 2 years old a sibling was playing with the car door handle and happened to open the car door.  I fell out onto the street while our car was still moving down a busy street. It’s the only thing I remember at the age of 2. However, I’m still here today. There is a purpose for my life. My purpose in life is to inspire others.  Why do I believe this? Deep down in the depths of my being when I inspire others I feel am in the right place.

Have you ever thought why am you are here on earth? What is your purpose in life? Have you heard the saying everything happens for a reason? You have happened for a reason. You just need to find out what that reason is. If you think back you have made it through life changing  events. If you’re like me your life could have ended long ago. But it did not. You are still here.

The amazing thing is we all have something in us that can inspire someone else. You and I just need to locate it. Then we need to pull it out. Don’t expect to be like your friends or siblings . This is yours and it is unique to the world. The world is waiting for it. Identify it. Build on it. Affect others with it.

How can you find your purpose? Get alone and reflect on these questions.

  • What makes you feel at peace? Out of all the different things you do there are things you do that come naturally to you. You know you are good at it and others know also.
  • What do others appreciate about you? Ask close friends and family what they feel you are exceptional at.
  • What kind of impact will you like to leave when you’re gone? You have something to give to this world. When you find your purpose you can leave an impact.                                                                                                                       

When you think back to the beginning of your inception. You were the only one in about a hundred thousand of sperm which made its journey to the egg. All 99,000 other sperm died off. You were the only sperm that made it to the egg. That is why you are here today. You made it through great odds even before your inception. Now all we need to do it find what we are here for and how we can leave an impact

Think back what life threatening event that you have gone through? You made it through that event. Are you getting closer to your purpose? Please share

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