How Can You Be A Leader?

A lot of times we think to ourselves since I am a leader I have to exert my authority at all times. I have to be served. I have to show who is the boss. I must rule with an iron fist. In other words, I have to make everyone hate me because my demands are rigid.

I have observed many great leaders over time and I would have to say I have learned a lot from my wife. She has been in management for about 10 years. What I have seen in her style of management only a few people can pull off. She practices leadership skill where she genuinely cares for her team.

She often buys a  small gift for every person on her team. When it is an important date such as a birthday she goes out of her way to get a cake for that person. At the same time if the person is not producing the positive results that is required of them in the  workplace she coaches them in the right direction. Here are 4 points that I have come away with from watching her manage different teams.

    1. Respect. Showing the team that their thoughts and opinions and who they are hold great value.
    2. Giving. There is a law that when you give you get back. The small gifts given to your team go a long way in showing that you actually care.
    3. Roles. Letting team members know what part they play help squash any kind of confusion in the work they perform.
    4. Coaching. Leaders can come across as condescending and harsh when accountability gets involved. However, great leaders are able to advise and lead non performing members through offering suggestions and laying out an action plan of improvement

      Great leadership can be seen in sports. There are coaches that can take a team of mediocre players and make a great team that wins  games. A coach like that is able to get the players believing in themselves and believing in the team around them. That can be seen as great leadership

      Question: What do you feel determines great leadership? Please share


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