Life’s To Short So Cheer Up!

When you’re focused on hitting your goals don’t forget to have fun once in awhile. I like to organize potlucks at work. It’s always a fun time for everyone. The wonderful people I work with bring food from all their various countries. So it’s like an International All-You-Can-Eat-Buffet.   While everyone is grinding away it’s important to have a little fellowship and fun and get to know the person that is sitting in the cubicle next to you.

No need to go into details but try to find out what their likes are. If there is food involved that even gets easier. You can simply ask what’s their favorite restaurant. If you want people to be interested in you you have to be interested in them first. You’ll be surprised how much people are waiting to have a conversation. The ice needs to be broken. If not you then who will break the ice.

Get to know people in your department at work. First smile. If it is a Friday. Ask them if they have any plans for the weekend. If it’s a Monday ask what they did over the weekend. Asking simple and good questions gets people to open up. Once you get people talking about themselves. They begin to think of you as a great conversationalist.  

Don’t forget to have fun with your family. When you’re with them let yourself go. Blast the music in your car. Get loose, dance and clap. Your kids will get into it also. Keep the mood light with excitement. Life is too short to be bogged down with the daily worries we may encounter. You will have a much happier family. Here are my 4 reasons to choosing a daily happy attitude.

  1. If you’re having fun you are less likely to give up. Business and work can cause stress. Look for ways to keep your mind positive and happy at all times. It’s less likely you will give up on something you are having fun with.  
  2. Everyone loves to be around the happy positive person. Positive energy emanates out from you. Other people can feel it
  3. Happiness heals. There are numerous stories of people who have had illnesses. When they chose a happy attitude. They recovered from their illness
  4. Statistics show that happier people live longer. So do all the elements of happy – Smile, laugh, hug and love.


The world around you is gloomy. The people at work and on the street cannot get past their own hangups. All you need to do is give out a warm smile and for that moment you make things a little better for someone.


What are some ways you can think of to cheer up those around you?

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