When You Get Past Perfectionism You Can…

Three frogs are sitting on a log one decides to jump in the  water. How many frogs are left on the log? All 3. Deciding to do it is not doing it. This brings to mind my cold shower challenge that I am doing now. I have decided to do it. But when I jump in the tub and the cold water is coming down and staring me in the face. I can stare at the water and try to get in or I can get in.

Every time I ask my 5 year old son if he wants to go to go to a baseball game he comes back with a question. Are we going to play or watch? I say we’re going to watch. He says no I  don’t want to go and watch I want to play baseball. Can we go to the park and play baseball now?


It’s time to get in the game. You have been watching for too long!


Perfectionism locks you in a loop of self criticism. Your product or service is never going to be good enough you think. Well It never will be good enough for you. However, it is just right for the customer that is waiting for it. Get it out there.

Here are 3 point to get you past perfectionism

  1. Give it your best close your eyes and get it out. Thinking that waiting will make it better  most probably will not. Perfectionisms best friend is procrastination.
  2. Let go of what happened in the past and embrace now. Don’t hold onto old stories where you failed .There is nothing you can do it about it now. Today is a new day.
  3. Haters will hate. You’re not going to please everyone. There are always people bent on negativity. No matter how great your product or service is. There will always be a jealous person out there to criticize.

Perfectionism keeps you on the sideline. Years will have passed and that thing you really want to do does not get done all because you feel it’s not good enough. However, the person that takes the action will move forward while you stand and watch.


Questions : Are you facing bouts of perfectionism? How long will you wait to move forward

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