How to get past fears of the unknown.

A few months back I bought  two parakeets for my son. One is blue and the other is yellow. They are such beautiful birds but i notice they are always afraid. I clean their cage and change their food/water about 3 times a week. My son and I sing to them daily. But when we attempt to have the birds perch from our finger they frantically fly in their cage as if being chased by a dangerous predator.

We have left their cage opened in one of our rooms so they could fly out and stretch their wings but the cute parakeets choose to stay perched where they know it’s safe. We have even placed their favorite treat outside the cage door as an incentive for them to come out of the cage. The parakeets don’t budge they sit there scared as ever failing to enjoy more freedom and fun due to fear.

The scary thing is we are the same way. Instead of creating a life for ourselves and getting out of our cages we sit in our comfort zones. Thinking all the while that that is the safe place. Failing to realize that time passes by and we don’t live forever. Continuing to sit there only makes us more stuck. All because we’re not sure what’s out there.

Why am i so scared? You’re afraid of the unknown. The cage door is open all you need to do is step out and step into the unknown and something will click. You will feel unstoppable. Here are three pointers that can help

  1. Take baby steps first. Whatever it may be you are afraid to do. Stick your hand out of the cage. Next stick you head out of the cage. Then try to quickly jump out of your cage and then jump back in. But then jump back out
  2. Visualize you doing the thing you are afraid of. If you do the visualization repetition long enough. It will feel more natural as you make the step.
  3. Remove thinking about what you are about to do. When it’s time to make that move pondering too much seems to always cause a retreat back to the comfort zone.
  4. Write down all the fears that are holding you back and what will the result be. Then write down what will the result be if you take action and how you will feel.


You won’t give in. You cannot be stopped. You were made for greatness so step out and become the great person that is waiting inside you. What are you afraid of?

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