Try this if you can’t get past that addiction…

I had an obsession with lemon pound cake from a pastry shop that was close to my job. It was so buttery and the frosting on top was so heavenly.

I would simply close my eyes and eat it.

No matter how many times I would tell myself that I would not eat it, I found myself going out on break during work and eating that sweet yummy lemon pound cake every day. I began eating two pieces of cake every day.

There were even times I would buy the whole loaf and eat it all by myself.

When I went for my annual health screening my doctor said I had too much sugar in my blood. I could not stop. I started gaining weight.

There are many addictions we face every day. It can just start with a small liking to something. The next thing that happens is you find yourself unable to live without it.  Here are just a few common additions

  • Shopping – which can lead to mounds of debt
  • Watching Porn – leads to viewing others as objects
  • Unhealthy Eating – leads to weight gain and health problems

  Addictions are so easy to pick up and difficult to let go. But it is possible to overcome them. Here are my three steps to getting past my little lemon pound cake addiction. 

  • When  I walked past the bakery I made sure I did not look in.
  • I made a point to stop eating it for thirty days
  • I found a healthy substitute

I was able to get past that addiction. I lost a little bit of weight also which was a plus. After giving it a period of ‘pound cake abstinence’ I found that I did not like it that much as it was too sweet.

how to get past addictions

Is there an addiction you are facing? You can get past it. However, it’s going to take some dedication and focus on your part. Your first step will be acknowledging that you have an addiction.

Then give your addiction a timeout for thirty days.


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