Frightened Of the Word No.

Colonel Sanders the founder of KFC when he started out was on a mission to sell his brand of chicken to the market. He heard 1000 no’s before he got his first yes. At some point he had to change his mindset. When he received all that rejection.

I have been in many sales situations and it is a journey through rejection. I sell web design services and SEO for small businesses. When I have made the cold call to the business. There are moments when I need to ask to meet. I am usually faced with a path to possible rejection or a path to comfort.

The path to possible rejection is me asking for the sale or for a meeting to discuss further. The path to comfort is me telling myself a story that the customer cannot for any reason want my service. Therefore, I don’t ask and nothing happens. I feel bad and lose confidence in myself.

One way to counter this is through setting no goals. In Andrea Walsh and Richard Fenton’s book Go for No they explain this theory to a great extent. Instead of trying to get a yes try to get as many no’s as possible. This has worked wonders for me. I set a goal to get 10 no’s a day.

Getting no’s can be scary. So to get myself used to it I have gone out of my way to hear people say no to me. One way to do that is to ask questions that will get an obvious no. When I’m at a the restaurant I ask if I can get all my food for free. When I see a coworker eating his lunch I ask if I can eat the rest of it. (There seems to be a trend with me and food if you have not noticed already) It ‘s hilarious at the responses I get but hearing a no starts to lose its pain.

To make it to any point of success you will need to go through many no’s. Your mind will tell you what is the use of asking you are not going to get a yes. You simply tell yourself that is why I am going for no and it’s going to feel good. If you don’t give up you will end up with positive results

However, there is one big obstacle that I faced when I used this technique of going for no. When I finally received a few yes’s –  my mind wanted to only hear yes’s. I started trying ask the same way I asked when I received the yes. I was disappointed because I would still get the no. So I had to change my mindset back again and focus on getting no’s. You need to get more NO’s to get more YES’s


Question : Have you used this technique? Please share your experience


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