Forcing yourself to do

Making cold calls was one of the most scariest things in the world for me. I  always feared being yelled at by the person on the other end. 

But I went ahead and forced myself to do. I noticed these three things.

  1. People never answer their phone.  Out of 100 calls made it seemed like twenty would get answered.
  2. People who do answer their phone are actually kind of nice. There were a few times I had a great conversation.
  3. The more calls you make the easier it gets. I felt momentum also  after a while

There is a small booklet called The Common Denominator of Success written by Albert Gray.  It’s a powerful book and one that everyone that desires more out of life should read.

In it Mr. Gray talks about the most important factor today that make men successful and what makes them a failure. That factor is habit.

We are where we are in life are due to our habits. If we have good habits we have a bright future ahead.

If we have bad habits we drift into mediocrity. The person who is successful has one common habit and that is they form the habit of doing things that failures don’t like to do. Those are the exact words of Albert Grey

It is not something they enjoy but they just do it.

There is a common feeling inside every one of us and that is to be appreciated by others. Most folks I know are people pleasers.

Scared at the thought of bringing up a subject that a prospect does not want to talk about. Because we don’t like to talk to someone else about what they don’t want to talk about.

It just feels so uncomfortable. That is why there are so few successful people. Giving a sales pitch over the phone feels uncomfortable but the successful man or woman makes it a habit to go through these feelings until one day it feels natural when making a closing pitch..

One the other hand, the person that gives into his fears never moves forward and never conquers that fear. They forever sit on square one never experiencing anything new.

Why do successful men and women do what they do? Is it because they like it?

They do not like it at all. However, they have a love for pleasing results.  

So how do you form the habit of becoming a successful salesperson?

  1. You will have to do what you don’t feel like doing. Sometimes that can be reaching out to someone you don’t know. It could be cold calling or cold emailing.
  2. You have to build rapport. “But it feels so uncomfortable almost as if I have ulterior motives”…Successful people know how to network.
  3. You have to ask for the sale. Once you have cold called and built some rapport and gotten past that fear. You face another point of rejection and that is asking for the sale. If you don’t know how to ask for the sale simply ask how will you be paying today cash or credit? That is what the pros do.
  4. You have to follow-up. Simply pick up the phone and see if the customer is ready to purchase at that time.

do what others will not do

The steps above if followed can get you anything in life. Successful people even go after getting a ‘No.’ Get a lot of ‘No’s and you will get a lot of yes’s.

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