Being Focused vs. Being Distracted

Bill Gates and Warren Buffet were in a conversation when they were kindly interrupted and asked what single trait would they attribute all their success to. Without hesitation they both said “Focus.” What makes focus such an important component of success? When I think of focus i think of someone who is working to a deadline.

A person needs to get a report in at a certain time. A date and time is set for the report to be completed and delivered. Distractions present itself. All of a sudden you may feel the need to check out the weather for the week. There is an urge to find out yesterdays baseball’s scores and highlights. You’re doing research but you really need to click on that ad at the bottom of web page because you need to see how these 20 Celebrities look now vs. then.

Social Media alerts begin appearing on your phone. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and whatever is the latest to hit the internet. You could have a list of things you need to get done but you just need to see that one last Youtube video on productivity. While there is nothing wrong in watching a video on productivity. There is something wrong when you are watching it while you have an impending deadline approaching.  

Here are reasons how successful people are able to focus

  1. It’s a habit. They can block out everything and keep the end result in the forefront. While the distracted person keeps checking how many likes and comments they keep getting on a new post that they just put up on Social Media
  2. Getting it done now. The successful person looks to get it done right away so if something goes wrong they have time to make needed changes before the deadline. On the other hand, the distracted person waits until the last minute because they feel they have so much time to get it done. However, not giving themselves enough time to make changes if something is not right  
  3. Work ethic. They have something that has to do with confidence which gives them momentum causing them to block off everything and getting the job done. The unsuccessful person procrastinates until he turns in incomplete work.
  4. They know how to say no. Well meaning people who need assistance show up all the time seeking help as if it is urgent. The successful person puts them on hold while he completes his work. The unsuccessful person drops everything to help them losing focus

Bryan Tracy says when getting distracted always say this mantra to yourself “back to work,  back to work,” . Then say “do it now, do it now.” He goes on to say when saying these mantras in your mind you will be evetually pushed back to work even though you want to procrastinate. Darren Hardy says a helpful way he gets things done is to put himself on a timer for 90 minutes. I have tried this and it works like a charm, He goes on to say that most of your daily work can get done in just those 90 minutes.


Question: Have you run into distractions? How do you deal with them

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