Five Reasons Why You Need To Plan A Potluck At Work.

Potlucks are a fun way of getting you and your co-workers excited about something at work other than pay day. I have seen at the numerous potlucks that I have organized that it creates a great feeling of community and team building. The bonds of team work get strengthened as everyone comes together for the common cause. It almost feels like Thanksgiving dinner due to everyone’s excitement about their dish.

I use to pin up a sheet of paper on my door and have everyone write down what food item they were bringing. There were times I have forgotten to put up the sheet but we still had a grand time. A month before the potluck I send out a calendar invite to everyone in my department. I’ll include a funny cartoon in the invite to keep the mood lighthearted.

I’ll send another reminder email a week before to the colleagues that have accepted the invite. Once again with a silly image and with a silly saying. I’ll also send another invite the day before following the same format. For the foodies this is a time of jubilation. Your taste buds will be rewarded.

Being that the work force is very internationally diverse. You will be able to experience foods from many countries. At the potlucks I have been a part of we have had Indian, Russian, Ethiopian, Lebanese, French, Chinese, Greek foods presented there. Here are my 5 reasons you need to plan one at your place of employment

  1. You can taste great foods from many different places. No need to go to an international buffet. You can have the buffet come to you
  2. It turns into an all you can eat buffet. Everyone is eating merrily. No one there to put the brakes on your eating.
  3. Everyone loves to have a good time over food. A good time and food go hand in hand.
  4. You can do it during the usual lunch hour. So you don’t have to plan for people coming in early or staying late.
  5. Your planning skills get taken up a notch. It does take coordination. But when you do a few times it becomes fun.

For the most part everyone loves potlucks. The unity and camaraderie that is felt cannot be matched. So don’t wait for someone else to lead it. You lead it. After you have planned and led one you and your co-workers will be glad you did. After your first workplace potluck you will have become an expert at it so plan one soon and experience another  form of leadership. 

Question: How do you feel about potlucks? Do you feel like you can lead one at your place of employment? Please share. 

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