How To Find Out If You Are Inner or Outer Directed

I have been part of many business ventures. There is something that i have noticed about myself in each of them. At the beginning I am very excited. I am “all in” for the first couple of months. I am up at the break of dawn working. I am writing down my goals every night and looking at it throughout the day.

Then life happens. I get sick for a few days. I go on vacation. My computer gets a virus. I My routine of waking up early to work  and writing my goals down takes a hit. I tell myself “I’ll do it later.” I sleep in a few times and i forget about my goals. When I do get better and I’m ready to roll again all momentum is shot and the willpower to get up early and work is gone

I look to for some motivation by watching some videos of people crushing it on youtube. I start to feel a little better. But then I ask myself “can i really be like them?” Self doubt creeps in because I am outer directed. You will find that if you’re only seeking for motivation through external sources it will soon fade.

Unless you get the self motivation to kick yourself in the butt everyday you won’t get past the resistance life will bring. Life will throw everything at you. Unfortunately, this is where most people quit. However, fortunately for you the field gets smaller. If you can just keep going another day. Let that habit form by doing it again. No you will not feel like doing it. But just get up and do it.  Before you know it you are inner directed.

Here are my 3 steps to becoming self motivated.

  1. Habit. The self discipline and willpower to keep doing the task even when you don’t feel like it. If you do it today you have to do it again tomorrow and then the next day. It then gets easier and becomes a part of you.
  2. Focus. If you do not focus on your goals for one day. Your mind loses it’s compass. You then get lost in the woods. Simply look at your goals even if you don’t plan to do anything.
  3. Association. Be around the go getter’s because they have a drive that is inner directed. That will rub off on you in a good way. This can be done through masterminds, forums or chatting with people that make it happen. Ask them questions and seek out what makes them do what they do.

You will no longer need outside motivation to get you going. The winner inside you is determined to persevere when the next storm happens. You will not stop. When you get knocked down you will get back up again and put the work in.

Question: Have you been in and out of business ventures eventually losing motivation ? Please share

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