When You Spend Time With Your Family You Are…


It was a sad day for me when Joe Gibbs head coach of the Washington Redskins football team retired from coaching the team.  His reason was he did not get to spend enough time with his kids. He stated that he remembered putting  two little boys to bed one night. All of a sudden he found himself waking up two grown men one day. Time flies.  

Enjoy as much as time as you can with your kids because before you know it they are not little anymore.  It’s easy to get caught up in the daily hustle of life. We have so many things to do. We have to go to the store. We have to work late. We have to watch our show on TV. All the while forgetting to spend time with our little ones. The very little ones we loved to cuddle with when they were babies.

We forget that they still need the hugs and kisses even though they are a little bigger. Even though my six year old is a tall guy he loves to be hugged and kissed every day. Yes there are times when he thinks he is too big for my affection. But I wrap him up and give him a big hug anyways.

It’s important to give them a wrap up hug. Now when I say wrap up hug. I mean the two arm body wrap hug. Not the one arm side hug. Which kids try to do as they get older. They love it and it brings them closer to you in so many ways. Most of all it makes them feel loved. Here are 3 reasons to spend more time with your kids

  1. You influence them in a positive way. With all the negative influences coming at your child when we spend time with them our thoughts and values are poured into them.
  2. You will learn more about your child. I have noticed when I am playing with my child he tends to open up about what  has happened in school versus when I just ask him how was school.
  3. Your relationship becomes stronger. You begin to enjoy each other the more you spend time together. Your personalities begin to mesh. You both look forward to spending time with each other.

spend more time with my kids

Joe Gibbs continued in the field of sports. However, it was sports centered around his two sons. He and his sons have been a part of many winning race car teams. In 2004 he came back to coaching football with his sons. They were part of many successful teams for four years in his pro football comeback . Gibbs then retired once again from football and went back to car racing.

Question:  Do you feel the need to spend more time with your kids or family members?


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