The real reason why you need to be expecting in 2018

During my teenage years I had a battle with acne. The worst part of it is when I would get a pimple sometimes it would be right at the tip of my nose.

“My nose is big already I didn’t need it to be extended,” I thought.

The pimple would seem to appear when I had to go to a conference or a big event where I had to be in front of people. What that meant for me was that girls would notice the big,big ugly zit a staring them right in the face.

I had begun to expect the big zit to show up on the tip of my nose anytime a big event would take place.

Oddly enough I would feel it start to formulate right before an event. I would then run to the Pharmacy store and try to find the best acne medicine. However, the medicine only seemed to make the zit go down after a few days.

Which leads me to this question –  Is it possible that what we expect happens?

There have been times when I am on my way to work and I start telling myself that I will be late over and over again. Well guess what? I end up being late. Being late to work means I have to pay $17 for parking versus $10.

I did an experiment where I started telling myself that I would be on time over and over. The interesting thing was I have ended up on time most of the time.


When you expect something to happen most of the time it will happen 


Here are my 4 pointers for you in 2018

  1. Expect a positive outcome for 2018. Things go to work for you when you do this. If you think in positive terms you will get positive results
  2. Read books on people who are go-getters. Learn as much as you can on the success of others. Your success will grow.
  3. Get around successful people who have an abundant mindset. If you hang out with 5 of those people you will be the sixth
  4. Get mentored for success. If you cannot afford coaching. There is free coaching at 

expect success in your life


This is your year to get ahead. Focus on where you want to be by looking at your goals every day. Put actions behind your goals and most of all be expecting that the best is yet to come in 2018

Question: What are your expectations for 2018?

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