Five Reasons You Need To Take Cold Showers

I have been trying to force myself to get out of my comfort zone lately. So one of the things I am doing is taking cold showers. I can tell you after about 3 months of doing this I still have not gotten used to it. I still find myself trying to delay it.

I am wondering it will ever become comfortable to jump in the cold shower in the mornings. I will tell you this that it feels amazing once you’re done. If glow can be described by feeling. I feel a glowing sensation all over my body.

Furthermore, once the cold shower has been completed there is a sense of accomplishment. The fact that you did something that you did not want to do builds an inner confidence inside you. This makes it easier to do it again. Here are my 5 reasons to take cold showers.

  1. It may aid in weight loss. Your body has to work to get it back to the normal temperature. In turn more calories are burned during the process.
  2. It builds your immune system by building more white blood cells.
  3. It wakes you up. I  have tried coffee in the mornings but I think a cold shower beats it out to getting you fully awake.
  4. It increases alertness. When I turn the cold water on I make myself shake. I feel this actually shakes off all tiredness that still lingers in me and induces energy.
  5. It moisturizes the skin. Its almost like a natural skin cream

how to take a cold shwer

You may need to check with your doctor if it is ok to do this. As it can be a shock to your body the first few times.  The benefits of cold showering cannot be noticed by those around  you. However, you will notice the increased energy and better skin. Most of all it’s just another way to start the day forcing yourself to get out of the comfort zone.

Question: Have you ever tried a cold shower?

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