The First Step For Change

A few weeks ago my son and I saw a movie on insects. We were amazed when we saw the part on one particular insect. This insect did not look good. It was an insect that crawled slowly. It ate leaves. However, one day this insect the caterpillar forms into a cocoon otherwise known as a chrysalis then into a beautiful butterfly.

The transformation is amazing.

I believe we as humans can transform our lives into something better also. It starts with how we think. So many of us go through life beating ourselves up. Or we let other people’s opinions of us become who we are.

We fail to realize that we are highly intelligent creatures that can better ourselves by simply changing the way we think.

We are the highest form of creation different than any animal or any other living thing. Our brains are more powerful than any computer in the world. We can learn new skills, languages and the list can go on. Maybe today your life is not what you want it to be.

Change your mindset.

Give up the mindset of fear. How? By taking steps to become bolder. This can be done be getting out of your comfort zone. This is done by going against what you naturally like sometimes. Because inside every caterpillar is a butterfly. Inside every seed is a tree. Inside every man and woman is a better version that needs to be cultivated and set free.

Like the caterpillar that spent it’s life on the ground eating leaves. It is one day is flying in the fields. Everyone sees its colors and is amazed by it. However, it went through tough period  when it was mushy and kind of soupy then boom! – wings are formed and it’s a beautiful butterfly. You too can do the same because greatness is inside everyone.  However, the first step is to think differently than you did before.


how to change self belief

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