Change Of Focus

I use to love watching Investigation Discovery aka ID TV. In case you have never watched it. It’s a show that has to do with true crime stories  and how the police discovered the cause of the crime.

It usually comes down to a person who is bent on doing evil. The show always has a sad ending because someone is always murdered.

The part I liked the most about the show was process it took the police to find out who committed the crime. However, this left me always fearful.

I would always watch my back wherever I would go. I lived in constant fear thinking some evil person was around the corner waiting to strike.

Our minds are like a garden.

Anything we watch on TV or read affects us either positively or negatively. What is it in your life that you can limit or even cut out to rid yourself of fear and negativity?

I know a few close people in my life that live in fear all because they love to watch horror movies. In turn they jump at every creak that the floor or door makes in the house. When they see a little kid standing still with messy hair they freak out.

Here are four things you can limit or even cut out of your life to rid yourself of fear and negativity

  1. The news. I know you need to know what’s going on in the world around you. News networks know that negativity sells so they pour it on.  
  2. Horror movies. Also, shows on TV that  constantly show you the inner thinking of criminals. CSI and every spin off from it gets us into the mindset of a criminal. Try getting into the mind of a high achiever,  a go-getter or a creative. You will see the world differently I assure you.
  3. Music. Music can make us feel so many emotions as words are replayed into minds. If the words are uplifting and encouraging that’s how you will feel.
  4. Negative people. People who complain about everything eventually their thinking will become your thinking the more time you spend with them.

focus on things that uplift

While the world around you is always bent on a negative slant to things. It is up to you to renew your mind by weeding out these four possible causes.

Here are a few uplifting things that occur around us every day. There are more births than deaths. More people that give and serve the needy than steal. But through gossip and the news you only find out the latter. Think on what’s pure, lovely and of good report says the Apostle Paul.

Questions : Have you noticed the effect that negative people, TV  and music have on your mind? Please share

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