This Is How You Can Become Funnier Today

A family member took me for my first Dentist visit. With his Indian accent pointing to me he tells the dentist “ he needs a brazeer.” I was red with embarrassment. The dentist looks at my chest and says “yep he probably does.” What the family member was attempting to say was braces.

 It always helps to have humor in any situation. Humor can diffuse intense fights. Humor can lighten the mood at work. It can be used when you start your speech or sermon. I love Joel Osteen as he always starts his sermon with either a funny story or a joke. Here are three ways to be funnier

  1. Always have a few funny stories about yourself ready. You want to make sure the story matches the conversation. If the conversation is about underwater basket weaving you don’t want to talk about your struggles of balding and the small comical secrets you took to cover your balding problems. But self deprecating humor helps.
  2. Exaggeration can make your stories a lot brighter. If you take it over the the top where it is slightly believable you have found the sweet spot. You can then make your story pop and have the people you are conversing with laughing
  3. Sarcasm is an art. It can be learned. In mine own words. It’s saying something however having the opposite meaning to what you are saying. When used at the right time in a conversation this can be hilarious.

Being humorous takes a little practice. You will have to try and see how funny stories work. It’s best to try when you are a group. You may even have to tell the same story in different ways to see which way works. Writing down your humorous story will help getting all the important point in your humorous story. If you can make yourself laugh. It’s possible that others will laugh also. Here is a little silly video my son did on how to become funnier

how to use humor and jokes in a conversation


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  1. Very nice tips. Keep up the good work.

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