Three simple steps to get past shyness.

Myself and some friends had the opportunity to stop by a world famous music studio. All my friends encouraged me to play on the drumset as I am a drummer. I shied away as i felt unworthy because this was a high-end studio which many of the top drummers in the world played at. Looking back I wished I had sat and played on that drumset or at least taken a few pictures on it. I blame my being shy at that time.

Do you know what Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg all have in common? They are all introverts. I am naturally an introvert. I tend to run away from the spotlight. Usually, I have looked back and regretted not taking the bolder route. I  know so many people who believe they don’t have the personality for success.  This leads them to sit in their comfort zones. Who says being an introvert can stop you from getting things done? There are always ways to get to your goal even though you are an introvert. What does introvert mean in the first place?

We say to ourselves…I’m just different. …I’m a loner. We tell ourselves all these self limiting directives until it becomes a belief. Then that belief keeps us stuck  from moving forward in our lives. Well i’ve got good news for you. Because you are different and you are a loner is why you have what it takes to getting the job and being successful.

Work on skills that can build your confidence and  propel you forward. The skillset of public speaking will boost your confidence levels greater than you’ve ever thought. There are inexpensive ways to getting better at speaking and one of them is through joining a Toastmasters club.

Here are few pointers that can help you become a more confident person.

  1. Public speaking. This skillset once mastered can build your confidence levels. Close to 75 percent of all people are afraid of this. All you have to do is give a an honest try you will see that you are not bad at this. So get your voice out there people need to hear you. You will only get better at this the more you do it.
  2. Conjure up past successes. You have been successful in the past. You have done things at home and work that you thought you couldn’t do. But you did it. No matter how small think on these things.
  3. A ‘Can Do’ attitude. Will boost your confidence much more than a ‘Cannot Do’ attitude. While doing anything if you’re constantly thinking I can do it, I can do it. You have a far greater chance of doing it.

There have been many times that i have worked with far more experienced people in my line of work but when i used the ‘I Can Do It’ I have found myself surpassing what was expected of me.

Do you have any thoughts on getting past shyness?

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