Being Grateful

It always feels bad being in a car accident but I have been in a few of them. I can say I am thankful for them because i have learned from them. In my first car accident i rear-ended someone. However, I learned that should go a littler slower when it rains and keep a safe distance from the car in front of me. I am thankful for that painful experience but i was able to learn from it.

When my sister got her first car. She asked me to help her put gas in it. I didn’t know which gas to put in. It should have been regular unleaded gas – number 87 at the gas pump. But I put in diesel in her car. The the diesel gas pump did not fit into the gas tank. But that did not stop me. I had my sister buy a gas funnel. I pumped the gas in that way. We were then stranded as the car would not turn on. I am thankful experience for that because will not do that again.

If it’s sunny or rainy we can be thankful for both. I have found myself being more thankful when the sun is out. But the rain has benefits in the circle of life also. We have to give thanks through the good and bad times. It very difficult to lose a loved one. But we can give thanks for the life they lived and how they were a blessing. We can also give thanks for the ‘hard to deal with person’ at work. In the end they make us a better person because we learn to work with them even though we may not see eye to eye. They may be always negative. You may be always positive. Negative and positive batteries in a car make it run.

Here are a few reasons to be grateful

  1. It keeps us in a positive state of mind.
  2. It changes bad situations around.
  3. It changes the whole vibe
  4. Everyone notices a grateful attitude even God

There is a story about how there were five lepers that had gotten healed by Jesus but only one came back to give thanks to Jesus for the miracle he had performed on him. Jesus noticed the thankful man who was healed  and brought it up as something of importance. You and I must not forget to be thankful for all the good that has come our way thus far. Simply close your eyes right now and think of all the good things that have occurred in your life. We have a lot to be thankful for.

Question: What are somethings you are thankful for?  Please share below

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