Because you care

I was at Skyzone with my son bouncing around on the trampolines. Skyzone is a trampoline park place where there are trampolines everywhere.

Young and old alike go bouncing up and down for hours. However, it’s mostly young folk that do the jumping while the older people watch from the benches.

While I was playing trampoline dodgeball one of the young guys fell to the ground in pain. His arm looked to be limp.

He writhed in pain saying “my shoulder popped out. “

Everyone gathered around and consoled him while he was in excruciating pain. Something told me go pray for him.

I answered back in my head “No way, what if he does not believe in prayer”

“What If he doesn’t get healed.” What if he says “No don’t pray for me!”

The voices in my head would not stop. Then I thought if I was hurt like him wouldn’t I want prayer.

I didn’t listen to the voices any further and stepped forward and asked the young man if he would like for me to pray and  he said please do.

This won’t be bad after all, I thought to myself. I said a prayer. Unfortunately, he did not get healed immediately. However, I learned a valuable  lesson.

That lesson is that its not bad when you step out of your comfort zone to show that you care. To my knowledge nothing great became of my prayer but it showed that I cared and was willing to show it.

saying prayer because you care


Who in your life can use a prayer from you? Maybe a sick loved one? Maybe an acquaintance that is going through a hard period in their life.

Let them know you are praying for them because you care. 


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